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About Me / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Dr Jayson

My intent with this website, is to share with you 25+ years of practical holistic medicine. I’m going to focus on detox, which I believe is the most important starting point in any holistic healthcare related protocol. Before you can become healthy, you need to get rid of the junk that has built up over the years.


The Beginning

I get my passion and inspiration for holistic healthcare from my mother. 50 years ago, she was a leading researcher, author, and practitioner of integrated holistic healthcare. We did not have antibiotics in the house, or any kind of drug in the medicine cabinet. Our cupboards had everything from Vitamin C, to specialty created Chinese detox tonics. This inspired me greatly to pursue my career in holistic medicine.

I chose my educational beginning in chiropractic college. This was only a stepping stone, that led to my craving for knowledge in holistic healthcare. I added to my education with Naturopathic Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, and a multitude of post-graduate courses. I read everything I could get my hands on, to add to my practice.

In 1986 while in graduate school, I was introduced the Neuro-Emotional Technique by Dr. Scott Walker. I learned that every bodily process and organ has a set of emotions, and subconscious programs connected to it. As an example, if we were to detox the liver with certain herbs or supplements, we must also consider the blocked emotions within this organ. I realized how important it was to speed up the healing process, by releasing the unwanted emotions and unneeded programs in order to effectively detox the liver.

My practice for 25+ years has included everything from unconventional diagnostic procedures, physical medicine, colon hydrotherapy, nutrition, chelation, and multiple forms of detox. Then we could start re-building the health of the patient.


Why I Want To Help and Make A Difference

I discovered from the very beginning how important it is to detox the body, and specific organ processes before introducing specific treatments to obtain better health. As an example, with cardiac congestion, the allopathic medical field will do bypass surgery, put a stint in, or do open-heart surgery. They are not addressing the cause or lifetime unhealthy life habits that have led up to the condition. I discovered starting with a proper detox, chelating out the plaque ridden arterial pathways, and then feeding the body the appropriate nutrients to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Healing is a system that leads to an outcome that is most beneficial for the overall health of the patient.

My philosophy from the beginning, has always been to entitle the patient into making the proper decisions for their health.


The Goal of My Website

My goal is to provide cost effective, and beneficial detox protocols for every organ system, and condition for the readers best outcome.

I’m going to provide educational tools, suggestions, and specific customized detox protocols. If the reader is seeking heavy metal removal all the way down to eliminating a toe fungus, I will provide the information and a plan to implement it. Detox made easy!

To your best health,

Doctor Jayson

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